Hakuouki Shinsengumi Kitan Wiki


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Category: Anime Series
Genre: Historical Adventure, Adventure Romance
Episodes: 10+1
Extra Episode: Memoirs of Kyoto
Original Work: Idea Factory/Design Factory
Character Design: Atsuko Nakajima
Music: Kow Otani
Animation: Studio Deen
Broadcast Period: 2010 Oct - 2010 Dec.


The continuation of Hakuoki: Shinsengumi Kitan.
The Edo Era has ended after 260 years of history and the Meiji Era begins. However, bitter strife still continues between the soldiers of the new government and former Tokugawa retainers. This is the stage in which the surviving members of the Shinsengumi find themselves upon their return to Edo following their defeat at Tobafushimi.
After that, every single member of Shinsengumi died.

List Of Episodes

  • Memoirs of Kyoto (Extra episode)
  • Like A Flame
  • The Hallway of Setbacks
  • Distant Shadow
  • Undying Sincerity
  • Fleeting Dream
  • Shining Light of The Dawn
  • Blade of The Sun
  • Scattering Cherry Blossoms
  • The Blooming Hepatica
  • The Pale, Dreamlike Sakura


  • Opening theme: Mai Kaze by Yoshioka Aika.